FORMAT: 28 PG - COLOR - STAPLED - 6.69" x 10.23" (170,0 x 260,0)
SYNOPSIS: Apocalyptic sci-fi adventure with mythological contamination.         

A mysterious sect, who has forever controlled and shaped the fate of the world, uncovers an alien artefact amidst the ice of the Antarctic, triggering a boundless battle for the possession of this powerful object. The United States’ Government wants it to study it and use it as powerful military weapon. A revivified faction of Neo-Nazis yearns for it conscious that, were that artefact to become theirs, nothing and no one could stop the rise of a new Reich worldwide.

In the meanwhile though, both the faction of Neo-Nazis and the United States’ Government are not standing idly by and, whereas the former limit themselves to observing the others’ moves, waiting for the right moment to strike; the latter are carrying out a series of experiments on a specially strengthened suit, which will make the special agents of the already formidable S4 secret services even more efficient and lethal. The same men who are keeping an eye on an oblivious student in New Mexico.

London. 1963. Cynthia Morrigan, a photographer with a secret inkling for theft, is propositioned by a mysterious man, who hires her to break into Berlin’s National Museum. A few days later, the Akkadian cylinder is already in his grasp.

Dulce Secret Base. 1963. Cathryn Murphy, assistant to a high official of the White House, witnesses the testing of a prototype of a strengthened suit, built using a technology that should not exist. Something goes wrong, and the girl is forced to escape using the very same suit and with a shard of a special crystal, which gifts her with a few extrasensory abilities, lodged in her neck.

Albuquerque. 1963. Caroline Moss, a student as sarcastic as she is penniless, is kidnapped and chained to an old sacrificial altar in a Mayan temple in Central America. The powerful goddess Inanna is about to be awoken. In the meantime in New York 2010, Daniel Coppola, a freelance journalist, discovers that all the websites that discuss the possible impact with the ever-nearing comet Elenin, are obscured the moment they reveal the news. The race to be the first to possess the technological artefact has begun. Who will be the one to make it theirs, and how will they use it?

Are we safe, or has the implacable seed of extinction been planted and is budding, undisturbed?